The Restaurant

It is a rare privilege: the Cercle has its own appointed chef and kitchen brigade, who assure you a dining experience unmatched elsewhere in the realm of circles.

Thierry Lefervre took command at the Cercle Royal Gaulois kitchens in the October of 2017.

Hailing from La Rochelle and, grounded in his craft in his native France, he has gained a vast range of professional experience across the gamut of hotellerie and restauration.

His love of the ladle took him to the Principality of Andorra, which introduced new, southern ways of doing to his repertoire. Always keen to branch out to something different, he moved to Belgium in 1993 to perfect his experience and augment his knowledge-base.

Thierry’s cuisine allies tradition with invention. Meticulous to a fault and attentive to each last detail, he makes it his goal to forge delicate agreement of flavours in a manner most agreeable.

His professional restaurant team leave no rope unknown and enhance the quality of the cuisine with their convivial cheeriness, which is very much appreciated by members and their guests.

« Bien faire la cuisine ne prend pas plus de temps que de mal faire. »

The Refectory Table

Any weekday (from Monday to Friday), Gaulois may come with a guest and take lunch at the Refectory Table in the Restaurant without needing to book ahead of time.

The condiments on the food will often be surpassed by the news snippets that zip across the table and back.

The Cercle earnestly asks that, at table, opinions that are aired should accord with requisite standards of deference to others. Members are heartily appreciative of a little off-the-cuff wit, an erudite wisdom or caustic merriment – even juicy titbits as yet untold.